Our services

Our services are centered around human performance and improvement.Our assistance in large training organisations improve their methods and systems of training.

We help corporate businesses find the best solution to improve the skills of their employees. Take a look below at what we offer.

Corporate Training


Workshops are short knowledge filled interventions that run a course of 2-5 days. These can be done inhouse or at our premises.


One-on-one and team coaching solutions to mitigate the risks of low performance and produce better results.


We supply effective, accredited training interventions that don't cost a fortune. These are results orientated and vary in length of duration.


Online training courses for your teams. These are module based and can be done over a longer period of time.

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Memory Crash Course 80%


Moderation & assessments

Assessment & moderation throughout various qualifications and SETA's.

organisational consulting

We help you build a profitable and fulfilling training organisation, through our knowledge and skill sets.

online training platforms

In a digital age, adapting to new methods and systems is crucial. We get you there.

material analysis

Updating and keeping material in line with SETA requirements are one of our specialities.